Chef Tony

Chef Tony Presents Micracle Blade 3

TastiWave Cookware by Chef Tony

Pancake Wizard with Chef Tony

Sauce and Soup with the Chef Tony Pro Blender!

The Chef Tony Collection

Chef Tony has spent years educating and demonstrating time-saving devices for the kitchen.

These are just a few of the kitchen utensils and appliances endorsed or co-designed by Chef Tony.

  • Mighty Pro Grill
  • Miracle Blade III
  • Smart LidZ
  • Smartware
  • Ultimate Chopper
  • Tastiwave
  • Chef Tony T-Mix
  • Chef Tony Pro Blender
  • Brown & Crisp
  • My Rotisserie
  • Funnel Cake Kit
  • Wonder Cooker
  • Pasta Lite
  • Plus Dozens More!